Studio Sinema is a full-service production company. We bring ideas to life with original narrative-based cinematic content.From storyboard to film we approach our work with an appetite for originality—creative thinking fused with dependable production. We challenge ourselves to find the extraordinary, tell stories with imagination and make each project better than the last.

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Below is a selection of our recent projects, audiovisual works that we’re proud to have created.If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Based in Indonesia, we work with brands around the nation to produce creative cinematic content that exceeds expectations. We’re brave but reliable, we always look for new and exciting ways to make content but never at the cost of the brief.Studio Sinema believes the best work is done in a positive, collaborative environment. Covering all areas of production we work hard to understand the needs of our clients, using our expertise and ambition to guide without leaving you behind.Whether it’s scriptwriting, lighting techniques or our airtight production planning, we communicate with clarity and simplicity and approach every project with the same limitless energy and passion.What we could provide you with:
– Ads & Commercials
– Films & Series
– Branded Videos
– Music Videos
– Documentaries
– ...and many more!


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D13HARD Festival Mini-Documentary Private Screening

Resolusi video sengaja diturunkan agar mudah untuk di-play. Resolusi video tinggi eksklusif hanya untuk di Instagram.Mohon untuk tidak membagikan link apapun yang berkaitan dengan private screening ini kepada pihak yang tidak bersangkutan.